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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

So, it is not quite Valentines day yet but I have to work on Saturday.  Ah the life of a hospital worker.  So, I made their treat tonight for them to have tomorrow.  I am also trying a new thing in our household to reduce the amount of sugar and wheat we are having.  I found this recipe that is actually really good and gluten free and sugar free.  I found the recipe here


it looked even better after the chocolate had time to set.  This is even on my plan for Trim Healthy Mama recipes.  #THM

Monday, February 9, 2015

Quaker Oatmeal

I enjoyed this oatmeal.  In the past the instant oats even from quaker have had a funny aftertaste to me.  This didn't have that processed taste.  The oatmeal was quite good and I liked the extra slivers of almonds in it.  I have been looking on eating extra protein for breakfast so this is a nice option.  My only complaint is why did they have to add sugar to this.  I'm capable of adding sugar to my oatmeal if I need it.  We have been looking to buy items at the store lately with no added sugar.  Sugar is listed as the second ingredient.  That being said the oatmeal did not taste overly sweet.  I'm sure the kids will enjoy these instant oatmeal packs on mornings they need a quick breakfast.  As a disclaimer i did receive this product free to review from bzzagent.  #gotitfree   You can pick it up at Krogers.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Stitch fix review #2 for MAY 2014

I am loving the stitch fix service. I love mail and I love clothes but hate shopping for them.  Its a win win.  This fix I asked for something to go with the cardigan I kept from the last fix and I asked for another dolman top.

The First item I pulled out was the dolman top I asked for.  It is called the Pomelo aleah v neak heathered dolman sleeve shirt.  That was a mouthful.  It was $48.  I really liked the color.  It might be slightly big around the neck but i think thats how its supposed to fit.  I'm thinking I'm keeping this one. 
Also pictured are some distressed boyfriend jeans.  When I saw stitch fix was sending me jeans I was like GOOD LUCK! LOL  I saw the price and was thinking there is no way these will fit so the price doesn't matter.  Well I pulled them out and laughed and said I'll try them on anyway.  Guess what? They freakin' fit.  Well, I was shocked to say the least.  When I try on pants I probably try on 30 pair before I find some that fit.  So, I'm seriously considering shelling out the $148 for these.  Stitch fix called these the Sold design lab - Christopher distressed boyfriend jean

Up next is the papermoon crissy spacedye cross-back knit shirt for $44.  I wasn't loving this shirt at first but I love the back.

What do you think? Should I keep it? 

The next shirt I hated.  It was the 41 Hawthorn bell chevron textured tie neck blouse.  I liked the material and the fact that it was girly and flowy  but I hated the neck tie park. It just felt 60's or something.  The stylist told me to pair it with the blue cardigan i got last month. I did but i don't think it goes.  What do you think? I tried it with a black one too.

sleeveless is not working for me!

Here it is with the black cardigan
 Here it is with the navy one from last month. I don't think it works because the cardigan is on the shorter side.

Finally was the Pixley amy bamboo enamel bangle set for $38. I wouldn't normally pay $38 for two bangles but since I was considering the jeans these and the above shirt were basically free if I kept all 5 items.  Do you think its weird they are slightly different? 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pop Sugar must have box April 2014 and a new pillow...randomness

Popsugar as been on a roll lately.  I've Really enjoyed the last few boxes they have put out.  This months box was no exception.  It is my favorite monthly box but I have a feeling Stitch fix might be giving them a run for the money. 

So lets get started and see what is in the April box!

Look I actually used a craft supply today.  Didnt see the scissors so used the lovely bone folder to cover up my address and open the box.  yeah, i'm crafty like that

First off out of the box I saw these tea towels.  The colors were soo cute. I loved the brightness of them and it made me just crave spring more.  I already threatened the hubby not to be using them to clean stuff with.  These are for covering food and stuff like that
We also got this cute bag that folds up into a little pouch for carrying shopping..yeah! I like the pattern, for the retail price though i thought it should be thicker but then it probably wouldn't fold up so nice either. Its by Blue avocado and retails for $25

The star of the show was this eyeshadow pallet from two faced.  I love it!  It came with instructions on how to create 3 different looks in 3 minutes

The box also came with a graphic image pocket notebook and some Caldrea hand soap.  It also had a box of trail mix. Not sure what happened because I didn't get photos of these Items.  Maybe I'll add them in a little bit.  I wasn't feeling the best today and had to go to the chiropractor to have some work done on my nect.  Which brings me to this $$ purchase of the day.   A new temperpedic pillow.  at this point i'm willing to try anything.  I'll let you know if it actually helps.

I will say it has a strange smell.  How long does that take to go away?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thredup box

This week I got Kennedy a box of new (new to her) clothes from thread up.  Its an online consignment shop that sells higher end clothes.  I really was impressed with the quality of items.  I got a halogen cardigan that retailed for $60 for $11.  I also got these $60 mia shoes that looked brand new for $12.  My daughter got tons of stuff for dirt cheap.  A brand new mudd jacket for $3.99    Some of the items still had the tags on them.  It can be addicting because I have now ordered 3 different boxes from them in the last month.  The inventory changes daily.   If you use this link you will get $10 off your first order.  FREE clothes.  They have a lot of items for less than $10 so you should at least pick up a free item.  I get $10 in credit too if you order.  THREDUP

happy spring

Got these chairs the other day at Lowe's of all places.  I love how fabrics seen in fashion make their way into home decor.  I am really loving me some chevron lately.  I can't wait for it to get a tiny bit warmer so I can spend more time outside.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why birchbox??? Why? April 2014

My birch box last month was awesome!  This one sucked!  I am not happy with it at all.  Most of these samples look like something I wouldn't of got free at a hotel. 
Obviously the best thing was the life style extra which was a kind bar.  I was hungry!  Don't judge!

The perfume was not to my taste at all.  I personally thought it smelled like something a man would wear.

The body wash-total hotel sample. smelled ok

Number 4 shampoo- really birchbox.  This bottle looked kinda dirty like it had been around for a long long time.  Shampoo with no conditioner?  Extra bad

The purple eyeliner is actually nice but I don't wear eyeliner daily.  I like that it is purple instead of black though. 

This is probably the worst Birchbox I have ever received.  I think I will give them another month though.  My last birch box was soo nice.